Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Car-magedon aka snow in Georgia

     This is the view yesterday afternoon from my stamp room - its a lovely view for sure, but an unusual view as I live in the Atlanta Georgia area......we are not known for snowfall here.  Having grown up in the midwest as well as having spent 17 years before this move in St. Louis Missouri I look at the weather radar and listen to the reports and figure its better to be safe than sorry.  That said, when I heard on Monday that there was a 'chance' of snow (words rarely used on our weather forecasts) I did what anyone use to snow in the forecast would do.  First thing I made sure my gas tank was full, then I checked the pantry and freezer to be sure we had supplies for a few days - nothing fancy, but enough for some dinners - knowing that was all taken care of I hunkered down in my stamp room to play.  My planning paid off, by 1:00 in the afternoon the schools were dismissing kids and people were trying to get home.....but the snow was coming down pretty steady and that chance of 'maybe' a 1/2 inch was already on the ground.  By 3 p.m. there was gridlock everywhere.  Then my daughter,who doesn't drive, calls to say Publix is closing early - yikes - hope she can wait for her father to get her as he comes home, cuz momma don't drive in this kind of stuff.  Of course my hubby left a little later than the average crowd, but surprisingly made it home in two hours with a drive by to pick up our daughter :)  I'm gonna give Audi a plug here - that quattro drive they have kept him firmly moving across the ice.....nonetheless, there was a huge sigh of relief on my part when all were home safe.  I know some ladies whose hubby's had to drive back to work and sleep in their offices and kids who had to spend the night in schools - At least they were safe and not on those crazy roads.

  I am hunkered down again today  (hubby working at home - after driving daughter to work) - going over tutorials on the Silhouette Cameo......WOW - I have had great fun using mine and have I ever learned more about what this baby is capable of.  The view out my windows looks the same only with some lovely sunshine today - crazy part is it is predicted to be in the 60's on Saturday - mother nature has quite the sense of humor.  Be safe if you have to be out in this crazy stuff.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vintage Valentine Pop Up

My inspiration for this card came from the original 1908 Valentine's card that was my grandmothers. Sacrilegious as it may sound I took the card apart and scanned it to use.  The truth is that while the card holds sentimental value to me I like knowing that is being re-purposed, so to speak, being used in a new card. Like the original card I made this one a pop up as well.  You can see below that the card folds down when you open it and it has an unusual shape with the front cover not going all the way to the top.  The original card inspired me to create the piece this way.  

While I enjoy the look of vintage cards I just couldn't see making this one all frilly, lace and glitter....I instead chose a harlequin print stationary in my stash and some Spellbinder dies to create my own look

Below is a copy of the original card -  I have post cards from several holidays that were my Grandmothers. As I handle them I am always touched that she had family that loved her so and amazed at how well these cards still look at over 100 years old. 

Materials:  Computer, Spellbinders Dies, Cardstock, Designer stationary, rhinestones, vellum, embossing folder

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