My New Craft Room 2017

      The move from Georgia to Illinois meant a craft room re-do......this is the third time I have needed to re-create my craft studio, I'm not complaining as it honestly has gotten better every time.  For this space I saved my pennies and got some cabinets - I stamp, color, journal, and put vinyl on anything that will stand still so this needed to be a multi purpose space.  After putting long counter tops in my last room I realized the loss to my counter space with storage system I was using on top of those counter tops, the goal this time was to keep them cleaner and with more things hung.  Hence the use of Ikea shelves to hold a few of my embellishments and favorite punches (the rest are in a cabinet below)......It would have looked pretty blah just hanging shelves so I purchased some frames from Hobby Lobby to put around them.

    The picture on the right shows how I used some of my old storage bins and put them on top of a cabinet I bought and added some legs to so it would sit off the ground (they still need to be painted black).  Below shows one of four cabinets packed with goodies - this one contains my embellishments and they are in bins labeled - buttons, crosses, bling, Easter, Halloween, Kids stuff, etc. The picture on the right next to it shows a small closet (there is a bigger one with lots of product but not organized yet, therefore no pictures) - this small closet contains my ribbon and other holiday embellishments - Yes, I may or may not have a ribbon addiction/problem - I am grateful to Ikea for these lovely inexpensive shelves to hold the ribbon....and Yes, that is ribbon hanging and yes, there is ribbon in some of those drawers - you can never have too much ribbon.  

Embellishments stashed in the cabinet with labels so I can find them.

This is just the paper and labels I use for printing and making card bases, colored and designer paper are stored in another cabinet.

      The file cabinet supporting the desk top contains my colored card stock, the tall one in the corner contains specialty papers, vinyl, and various favorite part of my new room is a chair in the corner where I can sit with coffee in the morning and do my daily devotional, or I can watch you tube tutorials on crafting - there is even a stool to put my feet up!!

There were about 30 boxes of paper, stamps, embellishments, folders, cutters, computer and printer to be unpacked before I could even see the space.

I purchased cabinets from Lowe's and had someone install them.  Then Lowe's came and measured for counter tops.....I also built a desk that I added a matching counter top to, 

Below is the start of the desk base - what you see is what I used to build this with my own two little crafty hands.  The legs are pre-made, I made the base and squared it with things (yes that's how technical I am when it comes to carpentry) - it came out pretty darned nicely considering my few tools and nothing more than a picture in my head of what I wanted to do. 

Painted the base black to match the cabinets and other items in the room

The desk is placed next to a cheap computer desk from Target that I had in my last space, This desk has a pull out drawer for my computer keyboard which is much more user friendly to use and doesn't take up precious crafting space.  I like that everything is within reach for using my Silhouette Cameo. 

Before the counter top's were installed and after the counter top's were installed.  A file cabinet holds up one side and the other end of the desk is screwed to the wall for support.

This is the third house we have lived in over a time period of 22 years.  It took me until we were in the first one 14 years before I was able to create a craft room, then we moved and I was blessed my husband looked for a home with a room I could convert to a craft/studio room.  The house in GA had a lovely room, but I will admit that while I wanted cabinets I had no idea about how to get them ordered or installed given the lay out and after that room was finished wished I had done it differently.  This new craft space is my happy place for sure.   Thanks for stopping by - if you have any questions leave a comment - I'm happy to help any crafter wanting to create a room to use.

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