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     I am a wife of 35 plus years, as well as a mother to a grown son and daughter.   My blog title and picture should be your first hint that, besides stamping, I enjoy horseback riding.  Not owning a horse I am only able to ride a few times a year, so I take that passion for riding into my stamp room and use it to create and have fun with the many stamps I have collected over the years. Western stamps compete neck and neck with the scripture stamps for room

     Scrap booking was a hobby for me before there were companies selling special books and archival material. As a teen it just seemed natural to keep momentoes of special occasions and trips.  When the kids came along I began memory books for each of them.  I will have to admit that when my son was four I discovered the world of archival scrap booking and took all his old books apart to update them to last.  Card making came about when friends began inviting me to stamp parties and I made some purchases.  It occurred to me that I should probably use those ink pads and stamps piling up in the corner of the kitchen.  So one Christmas I sat and began putting together simple sets of cards as gifts for friends and relatives......I was hooked!  

    I am blessed to have a special place to store my things and play in when I'm not walking, biking, eating chocolate, doing my housewife thing (or daydreaming of riding a horse).  It is also helpful to have a loving husband and family who encourage my hobby (my DH also lets me travel to our favorite riding spot The White Stallion Ranch in Tucson Arizona to ride with my daughter every year).

     I am thrilled by the Blogs, Websites, and Pinterest Pages available for inspiration and learning.  During this adventure called blogging I have come to know several women I never would have known and my creativity has been challenged.  I encourage other creative people to jump in, get inspired and learn.  A great big 'Thank You" to all you talented people....Hugs  and God Bless!!


  1. Oh My Word, I just came across your website by looking on ebay for memento ink pads. Had to visit your site. Your first page made me excited me and when I read about you I thought we had a lot in common. 1st I am a Born Again Christian, 2nd I too love horses (had 2 for several years and rode almost everyday), I have one son who now lives in cowboy country. I have been serious about card making for about a year. Learning techniques by watching YouTube. Are you on YouTube? Always love to hear about other Christian Women!
    You have a wonderful day and God Bless!

  2. Sherry I went on Google and typed in Team Penning Stamps and guess who's blog was listed! I thought it was yours but then knew for sure when it came up. Do you know anywhere I can get team penning or team sorting stamps?



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