Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Dance!!

     This is a simple card by my standards, but I am doing the 'Happy Dance' as I used my brand spankin new Silhouette Cameo to create not only the patterned cutout BUT to cut around my Bugagoo Digi!!!  Yep, ever since seeing a card with an image cut out by the Cameo I have been researching on line and saving my pennies........Personally, I just love the idea of having the option of cutting around my digital stamps.  There are just occasions that this seems a better choice than trying to fit a die around them. I was even happier to see that Flourishes sells a cut file for my Silhouette that is made for one of my favorite Western stamps they is a given that was my first download when I found that out.  Not that the Cameo doesn't have lots of other fun functions......and I am slowly figuring those all out.
     Since there is a learning curve involved in this whole process I kept my first attempt pretty simple.  Stella was cut out with the Cameo and then colored.  Then I purchased a .99 cent file to use to cut a fancy end border.  After cutting this I discovered I can resize and do more fun things with this, had I been smart enough to figure that out first this would have been a larger square card with a saying on the bottom.....but I'm happy as this one was pretty quick to put together.
     So if I am missing in action this week, just know I am probably hunkered over my computer and stamping desk playing with my new toy!!!

Supplies:  Silhouette Cameo, Buggaboo Digital Stella, CB Embossing Folder, Ribbon, Copics

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  1. Congratulations on the Cameo Sherry. I've been looking at those for a while. I've had the Pazzles Inspiration for 3 or 4 years now, but hardly ever use it. I never really got the hang of getting good cuts with it, and its really difficult to get new blades and things for it. Also, the company itself is great, but the tutorials are all videos, and for quite a few reasons I need printable tutorials. If I could get my Illustrator files to work with it, it would help, but it skipped over my Illustrator version. First my version was too new, and then it was too old.

    Anyway, that has made me hesitant to get a different electronic device. I like the idea of being able to cut a printed image. There is a complicated way of doing this with the Pazzles, but I never got a good cut so gave up after a thousand tries of ripping my paper instead of cutting it.

    I'm impressed that you made something really nice right after getting your Cameo!


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