Sunday, April 13, 2014

Glasses, glasses - where are my glasses.

   Recently I took some time to create a pop up box card, not to be confused with my Explosion Box cards, this style of pop up card has become quite popular after a tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers HERE.  While I love the ones using flowers, and I am sure to make some like that, this particular day I was driven to use an AI stamp I purchased last fall that has never been inked up.  These cards are nice and you can put a lot of layers together, but proportion is key, in my opinion.  I just couldn't see how this stamp would work but I was determined to try.  Playing around I discovered that if I cut part of the couch arm out this sassy little lady fit wonderfully.  It became obvious to me as I played with this and the sentiment that came with her that I needed to make this card for Jill Saur, my art instructor, she is always switching her glasses to look at various pieces that students are working on.  To make the card even more personal I went to her website and copied a piece of her artwork (scaled way down) to use in the background.  She paints stunning scenes with birch trees, as well as many other lovely pieces. Since she shares her talent for art and teaching with me I wanted to share some of my card making talent with her - I think she enjoyed her card.
 Yes, you read correctly I am taking art classes.   I am at the age that one realizes they are getting older.....don't get me wrong I still adhere to that old adage 'growing up is inevitable, growing up is optional'.  However, this year is a milestone birthday for I will be turning 60.  No matter what they say 60 isn't really the new 50 - it is 60!!!  Needless to say I have been pondering this event since my last birthday, reflecting so to speak......where have the years gone, how do I feel about things I have accomplished or not accomplished.....and what do I want to do as I grow up. There is no bucket list, but there are some things that I have always thought might be fun to try or learn and I recently gave myself permission to try one of those things - the aforementioned art class.  After thinking about it for more than a year I got in touch with a local Artist/Teacher Jill Saur in my area and was able to find a place in one of her classes.  This week was my fourth class and I am so happy with my decision to take this risk and develop this new skill. There are some lovely people in class......I have enjoyed the other students and Jill. The two and half hours fly by each week.

Supplies:  Cardstock, Art Impression's Celeste Set, Clipart, Silhouette Cameo die cut, Copic Markers, 


  1. This is fantastic!! Your recipient is going to love it! (I know I would) This doesn't qualify for this week's challenge over at Art Impressions but after browsing your blog and seeing your talent you should definitely check them out and enter some of the future challenges. You can win more stamps and who doesn't love free stamps?? Have a great weekend! ~Renee AiDT

  2. Awesome box design wonderful details.

    Hugs Diane

  3. What a fun card in a box! Can't stop giggling! (I am a new follower and found your blog through The Outlawz Follow Me Forum!!) Love your blog and will visit often!

  4. oh my goodness.... I adore this. The box is so cool! I have yet to try this but I want to! Awesome theme for this one...

  5. So did a fabulous job with this design...after seeing these on SCS...I had to try one...I have the box done...still haven't decorated it.
    By the way, I am your newest follower...I'm a Twisted Sister, and Sue (IrishGreenSue) posted the link to your blog on the Twisted Sister Link at Split that's how I found you. Great cards here...


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