Friday, March 3, 2017

Third time is a charm....

     Back in 2008 a few years before my Blogging journey began I was ecstatic and grateful to have a converted over sized closet in the basement to stamp and create cards in - I added counter tops during a remodel to the old basement, then I purchased storage containers and utilized the shelves in the room and went to town stamping, coloring, gluing was little but I had fun.
     Then in 2011 my husbands company moved us to the Atlanta area - all my stamps, inks, papers, pens and computer all got boxed up and moved.  My sweet husband made having a room for my crafting a must have on our house hunting list.  Once again I had the privilege of creating a new craft area.......I built bases for the addition of counter tops, painted some old file cabinets, built and created a stamp storage area - and several months after the move I was once again creating cards and playing with inks.  Then vinyl came along and a new Silhouette Cameo - all in my little corner of the basement, I pinched myself I felt so blessed and lucky.
     The job market changed and my husbands position was eliminated, he began the search, was offered a position and spent 18 months commuting to the suburbs of Chicago for work before we bit the bullet and made the decision to move.   December 2016 found us packing once again, and bless my husband, he put having a room to craft in as one of the items we needed in our Illinois home.  Knowing I would be creating another craft area I started saving money to put towards getting what I really wanted this time around, as if one ever really knows what they want.
      I knew this room would serve a multi purpose and be not only for crafting but for journaling and personal bible study.   I was able to search the hardware stores and find some cabinets and counter tops, as well as someone to install them (that is a story in and of itself and for a glass of wine and another day)  Again, I built a base for a desk to have a counter top installed on (I wanted it in the center of the room so I could craft with my sister now that we lived near each other)  - I scoured Pinterest and Ikea for ideas.....finally this week it has all come together. Nothing like moving into a house on December 6 unpacking, shopping for AND wrapping Christmas gifts, unpacking box after box to get things put away........THEN still finding time to coordinate cabinets and a zillion other details for the house and my craft room - I had to take time each day to be grateful and breathe deeply.
     Below are some pics showing the finished product with my desk. cabinets (glorious and wonderful cabinets to store things in).....and lots of little Ikea shelves put together and meticulously hung.  There is a small closet with LOTS of those sweet IKEA shelves holding my ribbon collection - (Don't judge me I may or may not have a ribbon hoarding problem LOL).  There is even a chair in the corner where I can sit and have coffee as I watch you tube videos on techniques or read my devotionals and journal, I truly feel grateful and blessed!  This is the third room I have created and its the last as far as I'm concerned.

Sitting in my chair with my feet up. The shelves helves and buckets in frames holding some supplies are from IKEA and the frames are from Hobby Lobby. 

Looking toward the door and my ribbon closet - the counter tops on the desk base I built matches the ones on the cabinets I had installed.  

My $3.99 IKEA shelves are holding my rolls of tibbon - there is also ribbon in some of the storage boxes, and yes there is even ribbon hanging - I do love my ribbon. This is a small closet but I have utilized every inch of it. 

I guarantee this desk will not look this clean in a few days. 

These are my embellishments in individual containers and labeled by style

     Thanks for stopping by - hope to post some of the cards and things I make now that I have my stuff out of boxes and can function.

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