Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pull Up - Pop Up Card Tutorial

A tutorial for using the Silhouette to make a pull up - pop up card.

Sorry I don't have my video hooked up and so this is a picture tutorial for those who asked when I posted this card on Facebook. I apologize in advance but this tutorial assumes you can print and cut with your Silhouette - its a learning curve for some but do-able.

There is a link to my blog on Facebook post  that contains the Silhouette Cut file I created to make all the pieces of this card.  Open that file on your Silhouette and print the file below and then load it onto your mat to cut. Remove the cut file from your mat and score it at 4.25 inches.

Fold the card back over the sentiment - and then cut your designer paper out using the SIL

Apply your designer paper to the front of the card - where the score cuts are do a prefold  so they look like the below picture - add the small cut of designer paper to the bottom flat fold.

Print and cut the sheet that has the word pull, the knitting needle embellishment and the front sentiment.  Remove them from the machine and lay them aside.

With your card laid out with the sentiment side up adhere some double sided tape to the very bottom of the cut out part. NOTICE I HAVE LEFT A SMALL PIECE PULLED AND TURNED DOWN.  I find it easier to pull the tape off after I have aligned it if I do it this way.

Take the cutout that says pull and align it in the middle of the half circle on the front of the card.  Once aligned hold it still and flip it over - the piece of tape should be sticking out and if you lay the card flat gently with the pull out in place you should be able to remove the tape by gently pulling and then pressing the paper down (the bottom of the pull out cutout should align with the bottom of the pull up.

 Place some double sided adhesive along the bottom and side of the card (see picture below).  When you remove the tape you should be able to fold the card at your scored line and it should line up.

 Adhere double sided tape to the front of the mountain fold on your card - this is where the sentiment will go.
 Place your sentiment at the fold line just barely above the scored line and add your embellishment and your card is finished.  
I hope you found the directions easy to follow and make a few of these adorable Pull up - Pop up cards. 

Materials used:  Silhouette cut file by Sherry Kushibab, Silhouette Cameo Machine Designer Edition, Printer, double side tape

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