Sunday, July 14, 2013

Big Green Tractor

    YES, another card with my Silhouette.  No, I haven't forgotten how to stamp - I recently received a request from a sister stamper for some prayers and a card to cheer up a sweet lil 4 year old boy who is very ill. One day he looks fine and the next his mom notices he doesn't seem to be himself, a trip to the ER, several tests and within two days they admit him to the hospital, fly him to a different hospital and he is receiving chemo through the spine.  Apparently he has Burkitts Lymphoma, it comes on quickly and progresses just as quickly - he is being lifted up in prayer and we want to cheer him up.  He loves the color green and likes tractors. Needles to say us stampers want to make him something that will bring a smile to his face.

     Not having any tractor stamps I had to move to plan two - my Silhouette.

      After re-sizing my tractor file that I purchased for .99 from Silhouette I got the paper ready to be cut for my card.

    Don't ya love it - here it is after it has been cut.  I had already cut my white base with a fold.  I was able to create the base by making a mirror image of part of my file and then welding the images together. I then decided to personalize the tractor and cut the young mans name out with the Silhouette as well.

   After layering all my pieces I just couldn't resist using some Action Wobbles on the wheels.  If you haven't used a Wobble they are a great little addition to a kids card.....they are a small plastic spring that has adhesive on each end. I mounted one under each wheel, just a little flick of the finger and the wheel will 'wobble' around.  Nothing like a little interaction with the card to cheer a four year old up.

    Last but not least, I generated another shape, as well as the sentiment on my Silhouette, sent it to my printer and fed it into the Silhouette to cut.......This will go in the mail tomorrow and he will be in my prayers for many mornings to come.

Supplies:  Silhouette Cameo, Cardstock, Action Wobbles, Xyron Machine


  1. I just LOVE your heart and that you were willing to create this for Bridger. He is going to flip when he opens this... Thank you from the bottom of my heart girlie... Hugs.

  2. I know it's a year later, but just wanted to say this tutorial was really helpful! Cheers!


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