Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Spa' in a jar for Christmas

     Personally crafting of any kind is fun to me.  I especially enjoy making gifts for friends and family.  While shopping at The Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain a few months back I purchased some fabulous handmade soap.  What attracted me to this particular booth was the genttlemen had teak wood soap holders available for sale with his soap.  Hand made bars of soap are great but they can get all 'icky - sticky' looking when they are wet and sitting with no air around them. I was fascinated by the way he had cut slits on each side that allowed air to circulate around the bar after you used it.  As I thought about buying these I remembered an inspiration I had pinned from Pinterest for a spa in a jar.  The little grey cells began working and I bought a bunch of soap and holders.  
     Then the fun began.....My thinking was that I would simply buy a mason jar and add some goodies and have my 'Spa in a jar'.  Oh, if it had only been that simple.  The soap tied so sweetly to the holder was 3 inches across - no matter what I did it wasn't going to fit in a mason jar, and if I did get it in (sideways) the other items were going to be pretty cramped.  Not one to be easily defeated the hunt began for a jar that would work......I scrolled places on-line, I looked all over Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns - and as I hunted I began to get the sinking feeling nothing was going to work the way I had intended it to.  As I prepared to give up on my idea I wandered down the isle of my local Publix grocery - lo' an behold on the bottom shelf I spotted various size Anchor Hocking plastic jars.  Much better than glass ones that were heavy and hard to ship and if my eyes were not deceiving me they were the right size. I grabbed two sizes and put them in the cart - could these possibly work?  To my great surprise they did!!!!  The tallest was the perfect size to not only hold the soap and holder, but the rather large file I had purchased as well.  Then the real fun began as I shopped around for more items to fit in my jar.  

     My original idea had been to wrap a band of white card stock around the jar with my design but once again my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo came to the rescue.  While shopping I discovered some new clear printable sticker paper by Silhouette and scooped it up to use.  I made some long thick lines, typed out my heading 'SPA' in a jar, added a Bugaboo Digi of Stella in the tub, then I finished the label off with a definition for pamper.  After printing this from my Silhouette I then cut several out and labeled my jars.  
     Having also bought a shorter jar I used some other holiday soaps I had on hand and created some smaller 'spa' jars as well.  Once again I designed and printed my topper on my Silhouette, printed it then had my Silhouette cut it out.  
      It was great fun putting these goodies together - for my sisters I scored a few samples of some colognes I knew they liked and added them as well as some soft socks, and other beauty items not in the picture above. I think my younger sister has already tried some of her new products to pamper herself.

     I am going to post this at the Silhouette Cameo challenge site for their December challenge of 3-d and anything but a card.....consider joining in on the fun with a project of your own.  

Supplies:  Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Clear Sticker paper, Bugaboo Digi Stamp, Bath and Body products, soap, Anchor Hocking containers

Challenges:  Silhouette #8 3-D

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