Saturday, January 19, 2013

Talk about dirty....

Sue (aka as Irishgreensue or Greenie) and I were on the phone earlier today 'talking dirty' - YES, we were!  We were talking about our dirty stamping areas and how we needed to clean them up.  There was a debate as to whether one is more creative working with a mess around them - or does one do better if things are all in place.  I for one TRY very hard to keep things in their place, but sistah's it just doesn't work.  I think that is why some of those Jammer Town girls like being on Pinterest so much....they have these 'boards' where they pin these fancy schmancy, VERY organized, ALL white, craft rooms, and they dream of having a room just like the ones they pin.  I look at those and say - Wow, how nice, however does one work in a room like that ??!!

So after all that 'dirty talk' and since Jammer Town (here) has been soooooo QUIET of late, I thought I would clean up my craft table, but 'oh wait'....I think maybe I should color just one more card.

This ones for Greenie, ya know, she is all recovered from her knee surgery - just look at her with that leg in the air showing off!!  She has been walking diligently every day.  The only thing she can lift higher than her leg is a drumstick - gotcha Green one.

Supplies:  Bugagoo Digi, copics, stickers, computer, cardstock


  1. Bwahahahahahahaha - Stop for a breath - hahahahahah! Just spewed my wine all over the keyboard when I saw what you did!!

    Dang, Kush, do ya hafta give away all the secrets I share??
    The sense of - ahem - "order" I have all over my table most days allows me to create with wild abandon, and now everyone will want to know how to do away with the "fancy schmancy, VERY organized, ALL white, craft rooms" so they can make cards with reckless abandon too! Heaven knows we did it at Strawfest 2012 - paper, ink pads and yes - even flying COPICS! Ya see, I don't have a craft "room" - so I hafta keep everything within reach, even when it is hiding under 4 layers of various other ribbon, cardstock, embellishments, nesties and my myriad little plastic containers of copics - all arranged by color families - after all, I need SOME sense of order! This plan also allows me to "lose" things, that are right in front of my face (just covered up by something so I can't see it) does anyone else have this problem???

    Well, when I can't solve it, off I head to the bathtub and soak that new knee - then hoist it high and have me a drumstick - of COURSE!! It's what Jammer gals do, ya know!

    Touche', Sistah, gotta put on my thinkin' cap and dig up some fun dirt on y'all now!! Hugs from the Green One!

  2. Sherry, cute card. Hehehe, love the banter between you and Sue. Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  3. What a cute card! My craft room is somewhere in the middle of neat and messy. The further I get into a project the messier it gets, but when I'm all done, I "try" to get things back to their proper place so I don't have such a hard time finding them for next time around.



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