Friday, April 12, 2013

Flying Copics???

     Last Saturday the Intermediate Copic certification class was finally close enough for me to travel to for the second leg of my certification.  It was a 62 mile trip, but at least within the State of Georgia.  How awesome it was that Lori Craig taught the class, she was my instructor for my first certification in St. Louis almost two years ago.  Colleen Schaan was also in the house with us for the day (a Georgia resident) - two fabulously talented and fun ladies.   To add to the excitement I was able to take the class alongside my sister stamper and friend from Splitcoast Stamper - Katie aka Mattsgirl and the Inky Peach Designs in Blogland.  Katie is one of the 'Jammer Town' girls, where we issue throwdowns to each other and often poke fun at others, as well as ourselves, with cards that have little stories that go along with them.
     Copics are one of those tools that I said early on - "Uh uh, ain't gonna invest money is those!! No way, who needs em!"  Then they began to creep into my work, first a gray or two to shade with....then maybe a little pink and green for some flowers.......and then - "How can I NOT color this image!!"  120+ markers later I knew I was hooked.
     So now the real playing begins.....after the class you tend to hold yourself up to a whole new standard, and I am working to not be too hard on myself.  Some images just don't need to be over colored, and maybe should even just be kept simple.  That said, each time I color I know I will be wondering more and more about my light sources and trying to be brave enough to put that oh so often needed 'cast shadow', while always trying to remember to just have fun with this hobby and craft I so enjoy.
     This picture is of Colleen and Lori.....great sports who put up with my irreverent sense of humor throughout the class.  They donned the hats that I brought for Katie and myself - a little joke we have with a sister stamper who always talks about 'flinging' her Copics around the room when she colors, cuz they frustrate her so at times.  They read: Caution Beware of Flying Copics - with some wings for fun.  I mean really, you gotta love these gals for putting up with me during class - then again they can give as good as they take!

     Thanks for letting me share - if you love Copics and enjoy playing with them I recommend you consider the classes offered by Imagination International - I feel I gained insight into working with them in both of the classes I to practice, practice, practice!!! 


  1. Those Copic classes must be really wonderful Sherry. I was like you, and thought I'd never invest in Copics, but then, when ordering from JustRite, I got two of their three marker sets. A leafy green set, and a rosy pink set. That's how it started, and you know what happens next! I only have 37 so far, but someday I will have them all!

    I love the hats!

  2. congrats to you and to meet the fabulous Lori...amazing! Have a super fun weekend!

    enjoy *~(

  3. Hey there, my Copic cohort!! Love this post and love that we were able to take that class together! I had so much fun and learned so much. I think you really summed it up well....try to apply what you learned, but most importantly....just have FUN!! :) You have mad coloring skills and I was proud to don one of your hard hats for the Blooms cause! LOL! Now.....we need to keep our eyes open for the color and ink workshop.....mwahahaha....:)

  4. Congrats, Sherry! Been wanting to take a class for the longest time, but it is always kind of expensive. :C Maybe one day! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina


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