Monday, May 6, 2013

Balance is.......

     My original plan when I bought this Art Impression stamp was to mount her on an Action Wobble. I got her all colored up, fussy cut all around her, laid out my design, and don't you know the wobble was too big to center her body on.  Darn!!!  So on to plan two and placing her on some pop ups.  You have to admit she is awfully agile and balanced, chocolate in both hands will do that for you!!
     This is a center step card.  On each side of the sentiment I have placed little plastic stickers of chocolate candies - these are from the card my daughter gave me for Valentines day.  It came with a big sticker sheet full of these that were to be placed in various places on her card, there were a lot left and I thought I would put them to good use.
      I just get tickled each time I look at this 'oh so' serious looking lady - this is actually a stretch I do most mornings before I get on the treadmill, but I have to admit I don't own a pair of leotards that look like these.....I'm thinking that's a good thing.  I also have to confess that I LOVE chocolate.....I put a few miles a day on the treadmill so I can let that decadent delight touch my lips and roll around on my tongue daily and it is worth each and every step/jog I take.....Whew, feels good confessing this. Gonna post this over on Jammer Town at Splitcoaststampers......those girls know that chocolate is one of the four food groups for stampers!!

Supplies:  Art Impression Yoga People, Spellibnders, Ribbon, Stickers, K & C Company Cardstock, Memento Ink, Copic Markers


  1. know I love this card! You colored your little diva up perfectly! :)

  2. Hallelujah Sherry! Chocolate is the one thing that gets me through yoga. Actually, I do this move when reaching for it in the bottom cabinet where I hide it. Your card and conversion is uplifting and priceless!


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