Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lets Cook Up Some Fun

     I wanted to post this last night but was just plain tired after my usual workout, a bike ride and dinner with my hubby.   My Darling Husband has purchased a bike...he wanted to find an activity we could do together and he knows I enjoy biking (not heavy duty biking, but there are some nice trails nearby).  Yesterday when he came home from golf  he informed me we were biking.  Rain was predicted and I wasn't too sure about the big black cloud just outside, but he assured me it was NOT suppose to rain until much later.  Out we headed to check the tires, filled them, loaded the bikes and headed out.  Four miles into our ride it started to drizzle - argh - we quickly turned around and got back 12 minutes quicker than it took us to get the first 4 miles. The bikes were quickly loaded onto the back of my SUV and as the last strap was pulled the skies let loose with a deluge!!  We laughed pretty hard in the car....and I can only say that I am pretty sure that our rides together can only get better from here on out.
       Mo has a challenge this week to do a Clean and Simple card with one of her images.....tee doesn't usually think clean and simple when playing with her images. The truth is this isn't exactly how I wanted this to turn out.  My original thought was to have these two darling images over lap, but no matter how many tutorials I followed it just wasn't gonna happen on THIS card (working on it for a later date, need a few hours to play).  Once I started playing I was gonna get er done, and this was the result.  Just felt she needed a little something and added the ribbon and utensils for some embellishment.  She is going in my stash.  I have a few days off this week and plan to spend some of that time looking through tutorials to see if I can learn to 'merge'!!

Supplies:  Mo's digital images, ribbon, DP, Copics, Embellihments I p/u from Hobby Lobby but lost the package :(

Challenges:  Challenge 184 Clean and Simple at Mo's Challenge Blog


  1. Your card is darling. I love the spring colors you used and love all Mo images. I am using the bloglovin but don't know how to get their icon on
    my blog.

  2. This is adorable, Kush!! You know I love those pots and! Loved your bike ride story...I am guessing it will be a little while before dear hubs will live that one down, huh :)

  3. Awww... Isn't she just adorable. Too darn cute.


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