Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wedding Invitations

     A few weeks ago a friend and member of our small group Bible study contacted me about helping her daughter with her wedding invitations.  Her daughter had an idea in mind using lace as a belly band and wanted to incorporate a vintage style post card with a special picture on it for the reply card. She wanted to know if I thought her ideas were do-able as well as asking me if I thought her daughter could do it herself.  She went on to ask if I would consider helping.  Well I love a good challenge and I have never done wedding invitations.
     At the initial meeting with this young couple I knew I would do whatever I could to help them.  He proposed to her under a tree on a property near where he grew up in the Northeast.  They very adamantly wanted to use a picture of the tree on the response card, and create a vintage look.  I had recently acquired PicMonkey for photo editing (a great program) and decided to incorporate the use of my Silhouette Cameo as well.  I created the post card.....and it looked pretty decent......but I pinned I realized that the tree would probably look just as good on the invite.  The bride to be had informed me she wasn't the fru-fru type gal and the postcard had such a dominating look.  Soooo, I put together a prototype invite using the tree in the background.  Yep, it was a success.  We still used the tree on the front of the response card, but we put it in the invite face down so people could see both the information card and response card when the invitation was opened.

    Today we assembled the invites with the lace belly band and some twine (all part of the original idea) - we did decide during the planning process that there needed to be a little more on the front and decided on a monogram - once again done using my Silhouette (I'm telling you I LOVE this machine).  This whole project has been great fun and I have learned tons about using PicMonkey and my Silhouette. I'm happy, the brides happy, the mother of the bride is happy, life is good.

Supplies:  PicMonkey Photo Editor, Cameo Silhouette, Lace, Computer, twine


  1. The invitations are beautiful! How many did you make?

  2. LOL as long as everyone is happy. These are beautiful and so very sweet of you to create all these for them. Wonderful work.

  3. As always, your creative genius took over - Unbelievable what your new machine and photo editing helped to accomplish - they really have that vintage look you wanted!! Glad everyone is happy with them - makes YOU feel wonderful too!

  4. Could you give the size of the invitation and the length of the lace piece? I have a silhouette too and used for a different kind of invitation a couple years ago. My daughter getting married in July likes these and asked me if I could make something like it


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